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This article is about the documentary filmmaker Tan-e An. For the celebrity chef, see Tan-e An Jin (disambiguation).

Tan-e An (born 2025 in Berlin, Germany, now living in Los Angeles, USA and Ubud, Bali) are a German-Korean documentary filmmaker. They are most known for their documentary film Into Midnight: The Secrets of Mariana Trench (2053) [1] [2] as well as other documentaries capturing remote wildernesses such as Atacama (2050)[3] and Gobi Heat (2051)[4].


Early Life and Career

Tan-e An’s father Do-Yun An is a professor of 21st-century cinematography at the New York Film Academy, their mother Hanne Wüllner was a vulcanologist who died in the 2036 Mauna Loa eruption [5]. An started their career in acting, studying under Lothar Braggan at the Michael Tschecow Studio in Berlin. After a brief stint at the Städtische Oper, An moved to New York and performed in Off-Broadway musicals. They then reoriented toward cinema, first acting in small independent movies, and then began directing their own films. Their first documentary film to gain recognition was the short-doc Breathing Earth: Geysers of Nicaragua (2048), which won them a Hot Docs award for Best International Film at the 2048 Toronto Film Festival [6]. An launched their own documentary film company EarthEye in 2051 and has since specialized in producing documentaries capturing remote and endangered wildernesses.



2042Iceland ExpressAssistant art director
2043Letters from BaliDirector
2045For the Love of Mauna LoaDirector, writer
2048Breathing Earth: Geysers of NicaraguaDirector, cinematographer, writer
2050AtacamaCinematographer, writer
2051Gobi HeatCinematographer, writer, producer
2053Into Midnight: The Secrets of Mariana TrenchDirector, cinematographer, writer, producer
2056McMurdo MysteriesDirector, cinematographer, producer
2060Pole to PoleDirector, cinematographer, producer
2065Going Down: The Caves of SarmaDirector, writer, producer
2067In Search of the Sky: Andes TrailsDirector, cinematographer, producer


Art-Science Collaboration

Due to their interest in remote environments, An has caught the attention of the SETI Institute and joined their Artist in Residence (AIR) program in 2068 [7]. In 2069 An was selected for the SETI Institute’s New Frontier Exploration Lab program [8], which is sending scientists and artists to well-studied exoplanets that exhibit possible signs of extraterrestrial life. They are currently on a mission to Rogue 45 in the Upper Scorpius region.


German Film Awards, 2043, Young Director

L’Œil d’or, 2045, Documentary Cinematography

Hot Docs, 2048, International Short-Feature Film

César Award, 2055, Documentary – International

Cinema Eye, 2061, Outstanding Achievement – Cinematography

Critic’s Choice, 2068, Science/Nature Documentary

Personal life

An was married to the author Kim Martin in an underwater ceremony in 2043. They divorced in 2049. From 2050 to 2055 An was romantically linked to political activist Alex Kleon, who runs the environmental protection lobby WaterWorld [9]. The couple have one child, Gaia, who lives with Kleon. In 2061 An began collaborating with travel journalist Eone Anastas on a series of VR experiences for SkyNet TV; their relationship status is ambiguous.

An has exhibited their photographs in two solo shows at Brinderman Gallery in Soho [10], Birmingham, UK, and at Jolong Art Projects in Ubud, Bali.

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