The interactive story Rogue 45 is set on a “rogue planet,” a type of exoplanet that doesn’t orbit a star but floats alone, untethered, in the darkness of space. The scientific inspiration for this story was a group of 70 – 170 rogue planets that has been identified in the Upper Scorpius region (read more about this rogue cluster here).

The Rogue 45 story is driven by four characters: Kai Otieno, a charismatic and accomplished astrobiologist; Heiko de Jong-Beaumont, an exogeologist (and the eighth baby born on Mars); Tan-e An, a documentary filmmaker known for capturing remote wildernesses; and Chief Engineer Trig Ruiz, who built the habitat on Rogue 45 and is awaiting the science crew. Each character has their own motivation and backstory; you can read about them on their own Wikipedia pages.

The narrative has many strands, each written from the perspective of one of the characters. How they engage with the planet and how they search for evidence of alien life is informed by their role and their personal history. You may find that they see and respond to the same situation very differently.

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Tan-e An
Documentary filmmaker

Wikipedia page

Trig Ruiz
Chief Engineer

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