Reflections: 100 Voices for Canadian Science Communication

The Canadian science communication salon ScienceBorealis has invited me to be one of their 100 Voices of Canadian Science Communication. I’m extremely chuffed to be among 100 scientists, journalists, policy makers, communications specialists, government leaders, and artists to talk about the importance of science communication. Each participant is asked for a quote and a profile picture, which is then artistically interpreted by one of their talented artists. I absolutely love the wonderful portrait Vexed Muddler did of me!
you can follow the project on Twitter by following #scicomm100

Here is my quote:

“Exploration, discovery, wonder: it’s what fuels of both art and science. When artists create science-informed artworks they construct metaphors, translating intangible scientific findings into sensual experiences. Art contextualizes science and fosters a deeper understanding of the natural world – and our place in it.”

Bettina Forget - Science Borealis

As a fundraiser for ScienceBorealis the artwork is now available on a coffee mug! This is nearly as cool as getting my own action figure…
Here is the link to the Red Bubble store. Also check out the mugs of the other 100 inspiring participants.

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