Presenting at the IVLA Conference

At the 2016 IVLA (International Visual Literacy Association) Conference I will present limited edition prints of my “Women with Impact” series as well as the workshop “A Touch of Colour: Creating Interactive Images with Thermochromic Paint.”

The workshop will take place on Saturday, October 8, 2016, 11:30am at Concordia University, in EV5.825.

From the conference program:

This workshop explores the creative possibilities of heat-sensitive pigments. Participants will be invited to create an interactive drawing or illustration by combining traditional and thermochromic paints. The unique properties of heat- sensitive pigments allow for complex approaches of image construction and intersensory investigation. The concepts explored by participants may include time- based change, haptic and touch-based art, hiding/revealing imagery, semantic change, and participatory art concepts. The pigments are also an excellent teaching instrument to demonstrate chromatic change, shading, and opacity. Thermochromic paints become transparent at 30°C and can be activated by human touch or by constructing simple battery-powered electric circuits, thereby combining art with elementary physics and engineering skills. This activity may be of particular interest to art and physic teachers as well as artists, and is suitable for teenagers and adults.

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