Parallax-e Exhibition at Foreman Gallery

Bettina Forget - Sheepshanks crater

My Women With Impact series will be part of the group exhibition Parallax-e at the Foreman Art Gallery
from January 17 – March 17, 2018.


Artists : Jean-Pierre Aubé, Nicolas Baier, Bettina Forget, Laurent Grasso, Rachel Sussman, Semiconductor,  Julie Tremble
Curator : Gentiane Bélanger
Opening reception: Wednesday, January 17, from 5 to 7 p.m.

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, the Foreman Art Gallery will usher in 2018 with a federative project that nods to the Mont-Mégantic International Dark Sky Reserve and regional astrophysics research. Parallax-e probes the emergence of a new astronomical sublime informed by advances in optical and digital technologies, scientific projections and evolving aesthetic conventions. In its broadest sense, “parallax” refers to the influence of the observer’s angle of perception on how an object is perceived. This notion, highly useful for determining the distance of celestial bodies, is above all applied in a physical context, particularly in astronomy and photography. Its underlying principle can, however, apply to a multitude of situations to describe the effect of perspective on the apprehension of a given reality, be it physical, empirical, cognitive, affective or conceptual. In philosophy, the favoured approach is often akin to a parallax that is, taking an epistemological “step sideways” to shake up trite interpretations. Parallax thus designates the art of offsetting the gaze, the better to expose the neglected facets of our own perception, the distortion that shapes our relationship to the real.

The artists featured in Parallax-e all take this sideways step, adopting an oblique and quirky perspective that serves to question the visual culture of astrophysics research. Put into conversation, the works presented highlight the interplay of technology, aesthetics and politics in the unfolding of our cosmological consciousness. At the heart of the exhibition, scientific imagery rubs shoulders with popular, ancient, symbolic and fantastical representations of the cosmos. Nodding to film, the Flemish Renaissance, history painting and scientific modelling, Parallax-e weaves a complex, multifaceted tapestry of our relationship with the celestial world.
(from the Foreman Gallery website)

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