Article published in the journal Antennae

I am delighted to announce that I have an article published in Antennae, the Journal of Art and Nature.

Goethe’s Colour Theory: Optics and Visual Poetry



What happens to the scientific process when mathematics is substituted with poetry? In the 18th century, the German poet and amateur scientist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe did just that in his quest to formulate his own theory of colour in his book Zur Farbenlehre. Goethe’s methodology of mixing qualitative and quantitative data did not prove fruitful in the development of science. However, Goethe’s interobjective, Romanticist philosophy of the Naturforscher may provide a scaffold for artists who are interested in scientific inquiry, and anyone who is interested in reflecting on the relationship of the human experience and nature.

Forget, B. (2019). Goethe’s Color Theory: Optics and Visual Poetry. Antennae, (47), 210-226.

View the back issue here.

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