LASER Talk | Stanford

June 24 – 06:00 PM PDT / 9 PM EDT
Opportunities for Online Art and Science Collaboration

A conversation with Bettina Forget (director of SETI Institute’s Artist-in-Residence program), Jennifer Parker (founding Director of OpenLab), Curtis Frank (Professor in Chemical Engineering at Stanford and the Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs in the School of Engineering), Joel Slayton (founder of the CADRE laboratory at SJSU and former Executive Director of Zero1), and Piero Scaruffi (cultural historian, founder of LASER and LAST festival).

West Coast LASER Talk on Opportunities for Online Art and Science Collaboration will bring together on June 24, 2020 five scholars to reflect on the consequences of COVID-19 for the sci-art world: Which opportunities arise online for interaction between art and science? Much collaboration is created when people are in physical proximity, in the same campus or in the same building. Does the online world foster or deter interdisciplinary collaboration? The online world tends to create echo chambers, where one looks for what one is already familiar with, not with the unfamiliar. How can we foster collaboration across disciplines in the online world?

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Bettina Forget