Iceland Residency blog


Bettina has been working on an art project for the last four years which is based on the first ever science fiction book: Somnium by Johannes Kepler, published in 1634. Now, 400 years later, Bettina traced the book’s story back to Iceland, researching and collecting materials for her current project, a sequel to Somnium (working titleDuractous’ Journal). She spent the month of June 2014 at an art residency at Listhùs in Òlafsfjörður, Iceland, where she kept a blog. Titled Midnight Sun Journal, the blog is a collection of images, panoramas, sounds, videos, and thoughts she collected during her stay.

Visit the blog Midnight Sun Journal here.

Bettina gave an artist talk at Listhùs about herSomnium project and her work at in Iceland – you can watch it on YouTube here.

Bettina Forget