Article published in Leonardo Journal

Bettina’s article “Women With Impact: Taking One Small Step into the Universe” appears in the latest issue of Leonardo/ISAST journal, the special CYFEST issue. This edition is published in both English and Russian.

Out of 1,578 cataloged and named craters on the Moon, only 32 are named after women. That is a scant 2%. To highlight the underrepresentation of women in science, the author created two connected art projects. The initial project, Women With Impact, is a series of drawings of Moon craters named after women. Building on this oeuvre is One Small Step, a participatory project that invites prominent female astronomers to perform a meditative walk while wearing 3D-printed shoe soles that create a small Moon crater with each step.

Forget, B. (2021) Women With Impact: Taking One Small Step into the Universe, Leonardo 54(1), 63-70.

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