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Bettina Forget writes and produces the The Belgo Report. This online magazine reviews art exhibitions and events taking place in the many art galleries of the Belgo building, a hotbed of contemporary art in downtown Montreal. Bettina’s aim is to increase awareness of the Belgo building as a destination for art lovers, as well as making contemporary art more accessible to everyone.

Besides writing regular reviews, Bettina also produces short videos and interactive panoramas for the Belgo Report, as well as publishing a weekly digest of the online magazine.

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The Belgo Report is also a podcast, hosted on the No More Radio podcast network.
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The Belgo Report has just been released as a book. The Belgo Report Edition 1 features reviews of some of the most significant solo shows in the galleries of the Belgo between 2008 and 2011. The 64 page softcover book features one review per double-page spread with full-colour images.
The book is available in select galleries in the Belgo building, or you may purchase it online via Paypal.

For more information about The Belgo Report Book, please follow this link




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